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Russian edition: Moscow, 2015, ISBN 978-5-600-01253-0:

Alexander Lyubimoff. Secrets of Pierre Woodman Sexual Technique. Classic Erotic Massage. Technique of Classic Minet

The book contains information that has not previously been published, has the high consumer value.

Here is a quote from the book:

"Pierre Woodman (born April 29, 1963, Auvergne, France, real name Pierre Andre Herbie), a French pornographic film actor and director, has become famous for his porno castings, at which he was choosing the girls for the filming of his own porn films, acting personally as "an examiner"; he alleges he had intimate relations with more than three thousand women. His ability to achieve orgasm in almost any healthy female causes special envy in men."

The attitude is very different towards him. Some call him "a sexual giant", another call him "a French bum-boy", third tell all this is "staging and money", the most stubborn ones are searching balm in Internet, that Woodman introduces in the women's anus.

 According to Woodman, he uses an ancient Chinese sexual technique, that's almost 2000 years old.

Is that a sexual revolution or sexual barbarism?

 However, this book is not only about Woodman, but how to beat Woodman and become a hero-lover. There is no talking and medical terms in the book, these are short, concise, simple and clear explanations of sexual technique.

In this book You will find unique information, to reach which by yourself will not suffice all life.

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